Sea turtles are some of the most fascinating and ancient creatures on our planet. These majestic animals also called Ancient Mariners. have been swimming the world’s oceans for over 100 million years and have survived many natural disasters and environmental changes.

Sea Turtle Species

There are seven species of sea turtles: the loggerhead, green, hawksbill, and leatherback. All of these species are either endangered or threatened However, despite their resilience, sea turtles are currently facing numerous threats, including habitat loss, plastic pollution, climate change, and poaching.

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The largest of all hard-shelled turtles, loggerheads are named for their massive heads and strong jaws (leatherbacks are bigger but have soft shells). Their reddish-brown shell, or carapace, is heart-shaped. READ MORE…

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The green turtle is a large, weighty sea turtle with a wide, smooth carapace, or shell. It inhabits tropical and subtropical coastal waters around the world and has been observed clambering onto land to sunbathe. READ MORE….

Not particularly large compared to other sea turtles, hawksbills grow up to about 45 inches in shell length and 150 pounds in weight. While young, their carapace, or upper shell, is heart-shaped, and as they mature it elongates.
Sea Turtle the Ancient Mariners.

The ecosystem

Sea turtles are an essential part of the marine ecosystem. They help to maintain the health of seagrass beds and coral reefs by grazing on algae and keeping the population of herbivores in check.


One of the most remarkable things about sea turtles is their incredible migration patterns. These animals travel long distances across the ocean, often crossing entire oceans to get to their breeding and nesting grounds. For example, the leatherback turtle, the largest of all sea turtles, can travel over 10,000 miles in a single year.


Nesting is a fascinating aspect of the sea turtles. Female sea turtles will return to the same beach where they were born to lay their eggs. They will crawl up the beach, dig a hole, and lay their eggs before covering them with sand and returning to the ocean. The eggs will hatch after around two months, and the hatchlings will make their way to the water, using the light of the moon to guide them.

Protecting sea turtles.

We have lots of ways that we can help to protect sea turtles and their habitat. One of the most important things we can do is reduce our use of single-use plastics, such as straws, bags, and bottles. These items often end up in the ocean and can be mistaken for food by sea turtles, causing them harm or even death

In conclusion

In conclusion, sea turtles are magnificent creatures that play a crucial role in the marine ecosystem.

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