Get familiar and learn how to keep Boat Safety and Require equipment for your Boat. Check Your Vesel over completely before you push off.
Make a habit of checking off safety equipment aboard. First, locate the safety items required by law. Then compare your optional equipment with the Coast Guard’s list of recommended equipment in the same section.

Head Count

Count the safety equipment like Life Vest or Wisels, and make sure that each passenger has one that will keep him afloat in the water. Check the fuel supply, the condition of the tank and feed line. Make sure the spark is strong and regular.
Take along at least 1 1/2 % times as much fuel as you estimate you will need. If you run into heavy waves, your boat will take more fuel to go the same distance.
Carry a map you can read—a proper chart if the water is a large one—and a compass that is reliable near machinery.
Put tackle, guns, decoys, nets and other gear where. they are secure and won’t clutter walkways and footing.
There is a bonus for the sportsman who keeps everything in place on board: He always knows where to find
it when the action gets hot.
Do not overload your boat. Make sure you have safely adequate freeboard before casting off. Look ahead to water conditions and weather changes you might encounter.

Warning Flags
Wind Speed Table Sea
diver with flag
diver flag for boat safety.

Keeping Alert

Keep an alert lookout. If you have a boat over 20 feet, name your mate and agree he’ll keep lookout anytime you can’t for safety. You have more to watch for than other boats and shallow water. Watch for obstructions such as big rocks and floating logs.
Swimmers are hard to see in the water. Running through swimmers or a swimming area is the most sensitive violation a boat can make. If in doubt, give beaches and rafts a wide swing. Your wake is potent. You can swamp small craft such as a canoe or rowboat, damage shorelines and shore property, disturb sleepers, and ruin fish and wildlife sport for hours byrunning fast through small passages and shallows.

Outboard Motor Maintenance


Before you hit the waters check the Require Equipment’s on your Vesel.
Check gas supply and tank pressure; squeeze bulb several times.
Check to be sure propeller is not wrapped in weeds, line, or net. If line is wrapped around prop, try slow reverse to loosen it; then cut off pieces until you can pull the rest free. Look for loose ignition wire at battery terminals.
Remove ignition wire from any spark plug; crank the motor; spark should jump from wire end to
engine head; if no spark, check back to ignition switch. If you have a hot spark, look into fuel feed; pull gas feed line off from side of outboard; blow through line until you hear bubbles in tank.
Clean the carburetor bowl and fuel filter.
Did you remember to add oil to gas tank in right proportion?

Important Equipment

Every boat must be equipped to get home on its own. The exact selection of tools, spare parts, and supplies necessary must be suited to your boat and motor and to problems you are most likely to encounter. Ordinary pliers Vise-grip pliers
Diagonal-cutting pliers Long-nose electrician’s Screwdrivers pliers Combination open-end Spark-plug wrench to fit
and box wrenches in Sharp knife sizes 3/8 to 3/4 inch
Spark plugs of correct specifications
Distributor cap, rotor, condenser, point set.
Fuel pump and filter Oil filter
Water-pump impeller
V-belts to match each size used.
Spare fuel lines, cocks, and fittings
Gaskets and hoses
Bailing-pump diaphragm
Fuses and bulbs to double for each used

Boat safety is crucial for anyone who owns or operates a boat, whether it’s a small personal watercraft or a large motorboat. Safety measures are put in place to ensure the well-being of the passengers, as well as the boat itself.

By following these tips and practicing boat safety, you can help ensure a safe and enjoyable experience on the water.

Happy Boating.

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